A downloadable Game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

It's one of the most most simple games out there.

All you have to do is to avoid hitting the obstacles(or falling off the ground) and try to reach the end.

 At the moment it is available for Windows, Mac and Android, but there will be an iOS versions of the game out soon.

Don't think that it is an easy game.


Left = 'A'

Right = 'D'

Install instructions


                      1. Version 1.0

                       Just download the installer and follow the on-screen instructions,                                     then  you can enjoy the game!

                      2. Version 1.5

                      This time I put the game in a zip folder instead of the installer method.                              Just unzip the file, open 'Cubetastic' and enjoy the game!


                     1. Version 1.5

                      There is a zip folder which you will have to extract ( It's not                                                               compulsory but recommended ) before you can play the game                                                     just like Version 1.5 of Windows.


                      1. Version 1.5

                       There will be a file which contains the game 'Android.apk'

                       Open it and enjoy the game.



WindowsVersion1.0 14 MB
MacVersion1.5 25 MB
WindowsVersion1.5 22 MB
AndroidVersion1.5 21 MB

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